Work package descriptions

Work package 1 - Management and valorization 

  • Ensure the maximum efficiency in the completion of the project tasks so that the objectives are reached in the planned time frame and within the budget. 
  • Ensure that the project adheres to appropriate guidelines and relevant legislation. 
  • Plan and coordinate appropriate activities for exploitation, dissemination, and communication of the project results. 

Work package 2 - Functionality

Realizing uniform emission combined with polarization and colour control.

Work package 3 - Electrically pumped nanoparticle array OLED

  • Search materials and realistic architectures for injection of current in a nanoparticle array OLED.
  • Design the fabrication process steps for electrical injection and test the feasibility of different contact designs.
  • Fabrication of a proof-of-concept nanoparticle array OLED, to serve as a starting point for efficiency improvements in WP4.
  • Implementation of suitable emitters in nanoparticle array OLEDs.

Work package 4 - Efficiency enhancement

  • Design, optimization and fabrication of nanoparticle arrays for enhanced/strong coupling with organic emitting layers.
  • Realization of high-EQE SCOLEDs with outcoupling enhancement.
  • Investigation of photo-physical properties of SCOLEDs.

Work package 5 - Completely organic materials

To replace the metallic nanoparticles used in the SCOLED nanoparticle arrays with organic alternatives.